A verse, a feeling, a recollection.

Project Lyricova: Another way to write blog, using lyrics.

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Current Version: 1.0 build 20141207

What is Project Lyricova?

Project Lyricova is a free and open source blogging tool focused on lyrics based on PHP and MySQL.

Whats special about this is that you can share your thoughts and feelings through lyrics, and share them with people all over the world by simply typing into the blog. Lyricova provides a brand new experience of blogging. Furthermore, it have many other features like generate word-based pictures, and unique dynamic images for forum signatures.


Share your lyrics of thoughts.

Lyricova keeps all your favorite lyrics online. With RSS and IFTTT, sharing to Facebook and Twitter is just one click away.

It's your special diary.

It maybe just a moment, when you are moved by just a few lines in a song. With Lyricova, you can have it recorded everywhere using your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Visualise it.

Image generator module helps you to create images for better sense of expressing the emotion. Also, through dynamic picture, the realtime status can be shared to blogs and forums as a widget.

Compose together.

Lyricova supports multi-user collaboration. You can share the your favorite lyrics and write the blog together with your friend.

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